Investor Summary

EIS approved

The problem we’re solving

A truly personalised company news intelligence service has not been available online until now.

  • Over the past decade there has been explosive growth in online company news.
  • On the Bloomberg terminal alone, more than 1.5 million news and research headlines from over 170,000 sources are published every day about 17 stories a second*
  • Within these overwhelming news flows, there are arrays of signals and opportunities
  • The Problem: There has been a lack of innovation intelligently automating and analysing online company news sources.
  • Sales, marketing, research & executives are still relying on unsophisticated tools and inefficient processes, meaning lost opportunity and wasted time. In fact, 33%* of sales people say researching is their top non-selling task.

Our Solution

Buzby helps save time by intelligently delivering company news that is relevant & actionable.

  • Our software curates and processes company news from a variety of online sources using artificial intelligence.
  • Curated information is then presented to users in a visually attractive, live interactive format on Buzby's dashboard.