The company alert service explained

In this video, you’re Bob, a busy account director. While you’re doing lots of other important things, the now ai platform identifies a key piece of news and then contextualises it with the industry and executive within your customer. Plus it assesses your own portfolio for fit and then it provides you with a contextualised sales conversation you can have with your customer executive right now. Learn more about what now ai provides and what it can do for your business.

An introduction to now ai

What is now ai and what do we do? This short animation provides an overview which explains what we do and how we do it. now ai is a platform and contextual sales intelligence service which delivers targeted conversations fo you to have with your client executive right now.

now ai goes beyond simply providing data, information and insight. we focus on the intelligence to enable your accelerated business growth.

now ai is Sales Intelligence for a new era in B2B selling.

Ian Redfern: The importance of context in selling

Find out what Ian Redfern has to say about the importance of context in selling.

It’s what now ai provides….context around the executives you’re selling to, in the centre of their company, which is in the heart of their industry.

Listen to the full podcast here.