Supercharge your ABM Programmes

Your Account-Based Marketing programmes are a key part of your go-to-market. Focusing on the account and the executive personas is smart and yields results.

But why stop at fuelling them with insight, when you can fuel them with specific, targeted intelligence on the executive, the company and industry they’re operating in – intelligence that will tell you what to talk about with each executive and specifically how and why you can help them.

Watch the animation to find out more.

The Anatomy of a Competitor Alert

With our Competitor Alert service, we monitor your competitors so that you know what they’re doing and how you can accentuate your own capabilities to neutralise them.

This animation walks you through the anatomy of a Competitor Alert to give you insight into what they contain. Remember, your alerts will be tailored to you and the context of your customer and the current market conditions. Every alert is written for you.

The Anatomy of an Industry Alert

This animation shows what a now ai Industry Alert looks like and contains. Each alert is tailored to your company by placing the industry intelligence in the context of your business.

Find out about the Anatomy of an Industry Alert here.

The Anatomy of a Company Alert

This animation shows clearly what a now ai Company Alert looks like and contains. Of course, each one is bespoke to each client, but they share a common anatomy.

Find out about the Anatomy of a Company Alert here.