now ai's 24/7 delivery model

How does now ai deliver new contextual, targeted executive sales alerts day-in, day-out, 24 hours a day?

Through a combination of advanced ai in the platform and a team of researchers and analysts distributed across the world.

The benefits of now ai to sales

You know what the now ai service is by now. But what tangible benefits does it provide to sales teams? This animation explains it all.

Here are the pages to check out if you don’t already know what the now ai service is:


Company Alert

Industry Alert

20% more selling time

The industry alert service explained

Find out how the now ai Industry Alert service works.

This service provides intelligence on the industry of your choice so that you can plan and take advantage of all the best opportunities. It is contextualised to your own portfolio so that the intelligence you receive is highly targeted and relevant to your business.

Don’t sift through petabytes of data and insight. Let the now ai Industry Alert service provide just the right targeted intelligence on which you can act now.