Want 20% more selling time?

Let us show you how now ai provides 20% more time selling. How? By serving up ready-made sales conversations your salespeople can have with their customer executives.

now ai monitors your customers, their executives, the industry they operate in and matches these with the products and services you sell. These intelligent sales conversations are provided as now alerts directly to the inboxes (or CRM) of the salespeople.

Less time researching and more time selling…by up to 20%.

Jeremy Griggs: Perspectives on turning insight into intelligence

Listen to the full podcast “Turning curated Insight into targeted intelligence” here.

Ralph Varcoe & Kayne Brennan: Perspectives on turning data into insights

Listen to the full podcast “Turning data into insight through ai” here.

Pete Pastides: Ai that helps you sell more

now ai’s founder and managing partner, Pete Pastides, explains that we have developed ai which helps people sell more.

The platform distils information on the world’s top companies and executives and contextualises this with industry insight so that salespeople can spend more time, with higher quality conversations, out selling, and less time researching.

Find out how you can take advantage of this and let your sales teams do what they are so good at – selling.

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Ian Redfern: Increase sales time and number of accounts managed

If you can reduce the amount of time a salesperson spends in front of their computer and get them out selling more then you can be sure they’ll bring back more business, either because they can sell more to their existing customers, or because more accounts can be allocated to each salesperson.

Ian Redfern talks about this in this audiogram. You can listen to the full podcast here.

Ralph Varcoe: Executive-based selling is the way forward

Putting the executive at the heart of everything a salesperson does makes a huge difference. The executive in the context of their company, in the context of the industry, means a better quality conversation which will result in greater customer intimacy and business value.

now ai helps people sell more by enabling sales to put the executive at the heart of every interaction. Find out more about this topic in the full podcast.

Listen to the full podcast here.

Ralph Varcoe: Take complexity away from sales and let them sell

Making it easier for sales to spend more time selling and less time in the office is now ai’s mission. It stands to reason that if salespeople spend more time in the field, selling, they will bring back more business for their company.

Listen to Ralph Varcoe’s perspective on how now ai is removing that complexity and enabling sales to sell more.

Listen to the full podcast here.

Kayne Brennan: Equipping salespeople to hit the mark first time

Kayne Brennan, CTO, talks about how the now ai platform uses the latest in ai, machine-learning and advanced algorithms to turn data into insight.

It’s this insight that is then made highly intelligent through contextualisation, meaning salespeople can hit the mark first time with their customers.

Better quality conversations = more business sold.

Listen to the full podcast here.