Dynamic company profiles delivering personalised business intelligence.

Keeping up to date with a company’s strategy takes time and perseverance.

Automated news feeds or alerting systems don’t offer high-levels of personalisation and require constant tweaking.

They either give you too many irrelevant topics which you don’t have time to sift through, or they miss important events.​

Dynamic company profiles

When it comes to understanding your customers, we do the heavy lifting for you, searching, compiling highly personalised sources of data into one dashboard - so that you can stay informed, every day.

Out the box, now ai dynamically informs you of a company’s strategy, their business, technology transformations, executives and financials.

What makes our service truly distinctive is the ability for you to personalise the profile with intelligence that’s specific and relevant to you.

And you can profile literally any company in the world – our profiling technology compiles profiles in minutes and are accessible via our self-serve platform.

Dynamic company profiles

Keeping you constantly informed with real time alerts.

Our now alerts instantly update you on breaking business intelligence.

now alerts ensure your company profiles are live with the latest information and never out of date.

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